ICCUB Seminar: A panchromatic overview of accreting binary systems and their associated relativistic jets
Aula Pere Pascual
28/04/2014 - 28/04/2014
In the past decade, several considerable achievements have been reached in the field of Galactic accreting binary systems, especially in light of the extreme variability of their relativistic jets.

These jets have moved from being considered exotic and rare abnormalities to being recognized as integral and vital components in the transfer of energy and angular momentum. Although their phenomenology is now rather well established, their emission and contribution to the total energy budget of microquasars (and connexion to the supermassive black holes) is still the subject of active debates.

I will present the most relevant observations concerning our understanding of relativistic jets in accreting systems, discussing in particular some open issues. I will also highlight some recent results concerning the broadband emission of black holes binaries and the nature of ultra/hyper luminous X-ray sources.
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