ICCUB SEMINAR – New candidate RR Lyrae star streams in the inner Galaxy
Room 507 (Pere Pascual), 5th floor
23/11/2017 - 23/11/2017
In this talk we will present our findings of fourteen new candidate RR Lyrae stellar streams in the inner galaxy (4<D/kpc<25), found with the great circle cell method GC3 applied to the Catalina Surveys of RR Lyrae stars (Mateu, Read & Kawata, 2017).

This is a first application of a method we have extended and fully characterised in previous works (Mateu et al. 2011, 2017a), with the goal of conducting a full stream census in the Milky Way using Gaia, as soon as DR2 is released next year. We discuss our findings in connection to globular cluster stream models. We will also present the new GALSTREAMS Python library, in which we provide the footprints of known streams and overdensities in the Milky Way to facilitate comparison with new found substructure.

Contact email: cesca(a)
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