Turns in the inflationary landscape: hyper non-Gaussianities, primordial black holes and stochastic background of gravitational waves
30/10/2020 - 00/00/0000
Recent proposals to reconcile in?ation with high-energy physics rely on in?ationary trajectories that strongly deviate from a geodesic in ?eld space. After a pedagogical introduction, I will present unique signatures for linking these constructions to observations.

I will first introduce a general framework for studying non-Gaussianities in this context, highlighting how this type of trajectories naturally leads to “hyper-non-Gaussianities”. Further, I will show how a similar mechanism can induce a significant enhancement of the perturbations on small scales providing an interesting new possibility to generate primordial black holes from a period of multi-?eld in?ation. The mechanism, independently of being able to account for all or a fraction of dark matter in the form of primordial black holes, leads to distinctive features in the induced gravitational waves spectrum, such as characteristic peaks and an oscillating pattern, thus o?ering a clear target for detection in upcoming gravitational wave observatories like LISA.

Zoom seminar. If you are not an ICCUB member and would like to attend this activity, please send an email to Marija Tomasevic or Jairo Martínez.
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