Eclipse Calculator: a new application to simulate eclipses on your mobile, developed at the ICCUB
Which future eclipses will be visible from my location? How will they be like? How long will they last? These are some of the questions answered by the new application Eclipse Calculator, designed for Android mobiles by the researcher from the UB Eduard Masana.

It is a new appealing tool for those who love astronomy; it is easy to use and it provides information about all solar and lunar eclipses or planetary transits from 1900 to 2100. The application, public and free, can be downloaded from the Google Play website ( At first, it has been developed in Catalan, Spanish and English, but it is planned to translate it to other languages.

“We aim at promoting the interest in general sky observation and in these particular phenomena”, remarks Eduard Massana, researcher from the Institute of Cosmos Sciences of the UB, member of the Department of Astronomy and Meteorology and of the Institute of Space Studies of Catalonia (IEEC), centres located at the campus of international excellence BKC.

The application makes possible to know the general circumstances of the phenomenon, including global visibility maps, as well as its local circumstances for any place in the world: beginning, end, duration, altitude of the Sun or Moon above the horizon, etc. It also allows to make simulations of the phenomenon from your observational point.

Eclipse Calculator has been funded by the Government of Catalonia within the Grants for funding research projects in scientific dissemination (ACDC 2012).

Link to the application: ECLIPSE CALCUTOR

eclipse calculator
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