Stars of another galaxy, picture of October of the Montsec Astronomical Observatory
Each month the Observatori Astronòmic del Montsec (OAdM) of IEEC publishes an outstanding image from the observations made there. In October the protagonists are stars of another galaxy.

Octubre OAdM

This image captured during the last few weeks with the telescope Joan Oró, from the Astronomical Observatory of Montsec, has as its main protagonist a huge group of stars that is more than 2 million light years away. NGC 206 is not part of the Milky Way, but from our neighboring galaxy, Andromeda, from which dark spiral and nebula arms are visible at the bottom of the image. The star cloud, with more than 300 bright components, is what is called an OB star association, and is one of the most easily observable elements in the Andromeda galaxy. NGC 206 was identified almost a century ago by Edwin Hubble, who first studied stars of this galaxy and could determine the distance.

To make this image, the telescope Joan Oró has needed to accumulate about 3 hours of exposure using several broadband filters.
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