The Montsec Astronomical Observatory opens its doors to the public
At 1,570 meters, the Montsec Astronomical Observatory (OAdM) is located in one of the most suitable areas on the European continent for astronomical observation, thanks to the combination of weather conditions and the low effect of light pollution.

The observatory is a cutting-edge scientific infrastructure managed by IEEC and used by scientists, but for a few days per year, the facility can be visited by members of the general public.

A visit to the observatory consists of a guided tour of the three robotic telescopes — the Joan Oró telescope, the Fabre-ROA Montsec telescope and the XO-Montsec telescope — the automatic station of the Meteorological Service of Catalonia (SMC) and the environmental quality measurement station of the XVPCA network (IDAEA), and several antennas for low orbit satellites’ communications installed and managed by the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and IEEC. The guide astronomers will explain how the scientific instruments work and what kind of research is done at the OAdM.

The duration of the visit is about one hour and it is free. As places are limited, prior registration is required and can be done via the following form.

Public visits in 2019 will be organised as follows:
  • Sunday, 19 May at 12:00 pm;
  • Sunday, 16 June at 12:00 pm
  • Sunday, 14 July at 12:00 pm;
  • Sunday, 18 August at 12:00 pm;
  • Sunday, 15 September at 12:00 pm.
More information about the OAdM can be found here.
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